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things i really like : coffee ( americano, preferably) , cats, pugs, avocados, woodsy earthy scents, climbing mountains, getting up early and feeling well-rested, writing, yoga, good food, cheap wine, good sex, sunflowers, intellectual conversations, traveling, honesty, men with chin stubble, older men in general, hip-bones, collar-bones, productivity, passion, and people who challenge the way things are

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"There are billions of people in this world, but life is long and you’ll never believe the insane ways that the people you meet and kiss and hate and date will intertwine and overlap. Nothing in my life has served me more than being as effervescent as I can in every situation I face. So say hi like it never happened and move on like he doesn’t exist. There is nothing more alarming to a man than a woman who is kind and couldn’t care less."
Dear DateByNumbers on CollegeCandy (via datebynumbers)
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"Smooth out your skirt and do not look at him."
―Advice for those who love people they shouldn’t  (via coyotegold)
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